US Open: the total information every true fan has to know about competitions

US Open belongs to the most important international tennis tournaments being the fourth and completing the series of sports live events named Grand Slam. This sports competition is organized in the US annually showing the best scores and results during two weeks in August and September. Live tournament is representing scores and results in 5 categories coming up with contests between men (single, double); women (single, double); mixed pair playing. Scores and results in these live open US tournaments are counted uniquely because men are playing tennis tiebreakers in the 5th set and women – in the 3rd.

Live US Tournaments Scores and Results in History

How it all started? US Open Tennis tournaments are hiding their routes in 1881 when there were participating and performing scores and results only men. It was a live national competition inviting only the members of the National Lawn Tennis Association based in the US. Scores and results were performed by singles and doubles. Later, in 1887, the live competition in the US was upgraded and women started participating in open single sets. Soon, there appeared women’s pair sessions and mixed sessions when both men and women could perform their scores and results.

US Open Live Tennis Tournament Format

US Open live tennis tournaments are divided into 5 categories and scores come up according to this scheme:

  • men singles;
  • men doubles;
  • women singles;
  • women doubles;
  • mixed category.

Scores and results are demonstrated during 24 sessions which are held during two weeks in the US. Live competitions start in August and end up in September. In 2021, we’ll watch US open scores and results according to this schedule: from August, 30 until September, 12.

Open Tennis Tournaments in the US 2021: Main Features

Live open tennis 2021 is among the most expected events not only in the US but in the whole world because so many fans are waiting for brilliant scores. The best scores and results will be represented by favorites of the last season and, maybe, some new shining stars. Among the participants of live tournaments in the US are:

  • Novak Djokovic;
  • Naomi Osaka;
  • Rafael Nadal;
  • Serena Williams.

Live Open Tennis Competitions 2021 Tickets

Real passionate fans may buy individual tickets for the US live tennis tournaments which start on August, 30. You can attend each open session up to the very final where you’ll enjoy impressive scores and results. Fans are offered to buy tickets for visiting the US live tennis competitions at any stadium: The Arthur Ashe, the Grandstand, and the Lois Armstrong stadiums.

Open Tennis US Tournaments Betting Options

There’s nothing better than slot spiele betting on a leader featuring excellent US open results and scores. Besides, it’s a nice chance to feel as if you’re the part of live tennis tournaments. Any fan may try his luck and bet on his favorite open competitions player.

Conclusions About US Live Tennis Tournaments

Open tennis competition in the US is the annual live event attended by the best participants from all over the Globe. Scores and results are proclaimed according to the game sets in 5 categories. The open event lasts for two weeks starting at the end of summer and finishing at the beginning of autumn.


  • When US Open 2021 is held?

Live US tennis tournaments 2021 will start on August, 30, and end up on September, 12.

  • Is it safe to bet on open tennis tournaments?

Yes, you only have to select the most preferable type of depositing and wait for the play.

  • Can I buy tickets and visit the live tournament in the US?

Of course! You can buy tickets in advance and visit any preferable session or all of them.